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Application tape
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Plate Mounting Tape



Rolls Meters

Application tape Application tape

The plate mounting tape solution for the most sophisticated tasks in letter press printing.

Increasingly difficult printing jobs mean that plate mounting adhesive tapes also have to adapt accordingly. Only then can the higher quality requirements made to the printed image be met.

This sophisticated need can only be fulfilled by exactly adjusted degrees of compressibility of the base. The plate mounting tape range is a open variant for the spectrum of flexographic printing.


  • high resistance against traditionally used solvents and cleaning agents
  • optimised for highest efficiency in mounting, printing and demounting

Film Liner:

  • high distortion resistance avoids overexpansion of the adhesive tape
  • the orange skin structure in the adhesive surface helps avoiding air bubble entrapment between adhesive tape and printing plate
  • smooth, slippery surface allows manual rubbing down of the adhesive tape on the cylinder



Plate Mounting Tape Film Carrier Tape

Film thickness Product Code Size & Length PVC-film Liner
0.10 MM TI-PMT 8010 310 MM * 10MTR / 25MTR colourless-transparent PVC creped film
0.20 MM TI-PMT 8020 310 MM * 10MTR / 25MTR green-transparent -