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Duct Tape



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duct tape grey
Duct Tape Grey
duct tape black
Duct Tape Black


  • Stops leakage
  • Ideally suited for repairing greenhouses and hotbeds
  • Sealing of joints and chinks between pipes, panels and in bodies
  • Useful in water and sanitary engineering works
  • Sealing of containers to protect goods against water and moisture
  • Book repair
  • As strapping tape
  • Control sealing of boxes (since the tape has a high tack, an opened box can be seen at a glance)
  • Makes mirror durable and safe (the tape is applied to the reverse of a mirror prevents its breaking to fragments) 10)Glass fixing

  • Carpet laying: underlay joining, carpet joining and carpet edging
  • Construction: ideally suited for joining polythene and many other materials. masking off metal and / or concrete surfaces
  • HEVAC: sealing metal and plastic ducting, cladding and unfacing fiber panels
  • Manufacturing: splicing and joining in manufacturing processes
  • Motor sports: 'tank tape' leading edge and surface protection. Masking off and temporary repair.
  • Available in Black & Grey Color


  • Width: 24mm, 36mm, 48mm, 50mm
  • Length - 40 Mtrs Standard .


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