Thermal Conductivity Tape, Heat Sinks Tape

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Thermal Conductivity Tape



Rolls Meters


Double side thermal conductive tape


Double sided tape thermal conductivity


Thermal conductive tape double sided


Thermal Adhesive tape ( 0.15 mm Thickness )

thermal-conductive-tape-double-sided double-sided-thermal-tape-for-led

Thermal Conductive tape ( 0.25 mm Thickness )

Thermal-conductive-tape thermal-tape-for-heat-sink

Thermal tape ( Thickness 0.035 mm - equivalent to 3m thermal tape )

double-sided-thermal-tape-for-led double-sided-thermal-tape-for-led


The thermally conductive tape is made of glass fabric, double sided coated with thermally conductive adhesive
Thickness: 0.15mm ~0.25mm & 0.35 mm
Width: custom slit
Length: 25m

Thickness Unit(mm) 0.15 0.25 0.35
Color / White white yellow
Specific Gravity G/cm3 1.8 1.8 1.8
Thermal conductivity W/M.K 1.2 1.2 1.2
Heat Resistance ?in2/W 0.68 0.72 0.76
Breakdown Voltage VAC/mm 3200 5000 5000
Application Temperature ? -40~+120 -40~+120 -40~+120
Peel Adhesion N/25mm 10.2 14 18.5
Tack N/25mm 12 16.5 30

Physical Properties:


  • flexible and soft surface
  • good thermally conductivity
  • good heat transfer
  • voltage resistance
  • thermally conductivity: 1.5 w/m-k
  • Long term temperature resistance: 120C
  • Short term temperature resistance: 180C
  • Voltage resistance: 5kV~6kv


  • Electronic equipments
  • LED lighting
  • The fixing of IC and heat sink
  • The adhesion and fixing of chips and heat sink. The thermally conductive tape is environmental friendly.

Thermally conductive tapes are specifically designed to provide a preferential path to dissipate heat away from heat generating components and heat sinks. It's a thermally conductive adhesive tape designed to provide an efficient method of mounting heat sinks onto devices such as microprocessor, small electronic packages and other components. Thermally conductive tapes are well suited for heat sink attachment with mid-range thermal performance. Crucial features for practical performance in thermally conductive tapes include:

S.No Product Size
1. Thermal Conductivity Tape 4mm x 25mtr
2. Thermal Conductivity Tape 5mm x 25mtr
3. Thermal Conductivity Tape 6mm x 25mtr
4. Thermal Conductivity Tape 7mm x 25mtr
5. Thermal Conductivity Tape 8mm x 25mtr
6. Thermal Conductivity Tape 9mm x 25mtr
7. Thermal Conductivity Tape 10mm x 25mtr
8. Thermal Conductivity Tape 12mm x 25mtr
9. Thermal Conductivity Tape 15mm x 25mtr
10. Thermal Conductivity Tape 18mm x 25mtr
11. Thermal Conductivity Tape 20mm x 25mtr
12. Thermal Conductivity Tape 24mm x 25mtr
13. Thermal Conductivity Tape 30mm x 25mtr
14. Thermal Conductivity Tape 35mm x 25mtr
15. Thermal Conductivity Tape 40mm x 25mtr
16. Thermal Conductivity Tape 45mm x 25mtr
17. Thermal Conductivity Tape 50mm x 25mtr


  • Holding power
  • Ideal for uneven surface
  • Flexibility, Conformability
  • Peel strength
  • Shear strength
  • Heat transfer for Electronic Components
  • Wide working temperature range


  • LED, M/B, PS, heat sink, LCD-TV, PC
  • DDRLL Module, DVD
  • Electronic components: IC, CPU, MOS