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Powder coated masking tape ( Green Tape )



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  Green Powder Coating Discs 


PET tape is with polyester film as the basic carrier, and coated with pressure sensitive silicone adhesive. It features like high temperature resistance (2000), electrical insulation, radiation resistance, solvent resistance etc. This tape is very easy to stick and remove without residue, and very suitable for high temperature stoving varnish and powder coating masking etc.


  • Powder coating masking and high temperature stoving varnish.
  • The protection of PCB board
S.No Part Number Size
1. TI500-0125 Powder coated Tape 4mm x 33mtr
2. TI500-0250 Powder coated Tape 6mm x 33mtr
3. TI500-0375 Powder coated Tape 8mm x 33mtr
4. TI500-0500 Powder coated Tape 10mm x 33mtr
5. TI500-0625 Powder coated Tape 12mm x 33mtr
6. TI500-0750 Powder coated Tape 15mm x 33mtr
7. TI500-0875 Powder coated Tape 18mm x 33mtr
8. TI500-1000 Powder coated Tape 20mm x 33mtr
9. TI500-1500 Powder coated Tape 24mm x 33mtr
10. TI500-1750 Powder coated Tape 30mm x 33mtr
11. TI500-2000 Powder coated Tape 35mm x 33mtr
12. TI500-3000 Powder coated Tape 40mm x 33mtr
13. TI500-4000 Powder coated Tape 45mm x 33mtr
14. TI500-6000 Powder coated Tape 50mm x 33mtr