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MASKING TAPE (General Purpose)



Rolls Meters

S.No: Size Length per Roll Packing / Carton
1 12 mm {1/2 inch.} 25 Mtrs 40 Bundal = 480Rolls
2 15mm {Odd Size.} 25 Mtrs 40 Bundal = 480Rolls
3 18mm {3/4 inch. } 25 Mtrs 40 Bundal = 480Rolls
4 24mm {1    inch.} 25 Mtrs 40 Bundal = 480Rolls
5 36mm {1.5 inch.} 25 Mtrs 40 Bundal = 480Rolls
6 48mm {2    inch.} 25 Mtrs 40 Bundal = 480Rolls
7 72mm {3    inch.} 25 Mtrs 40 Bundal = 480Rolls
8 144mm{6   inch.} 25 Mtrs 40 Bundal = 480Rolls

(Customize sizes available on request )



Masking tape for general purpose 
Masking tape for Auto. Spraying 
Mid-temperature masking tape

High-Temperature Masking Tape is an adhesive creped paper tape coated on one side with rubber-based adhesive. The adhesive is formulated so that it leaves no marks after removing the tape.

According to different temperature resistances, we have all kinds of masking tapes separately for general purpose, automotive uses, mid-temperature masking tape. Our masking tapes have been successfully exported to many countries, such as Russia, UK, Middle East, Africa and so on. We can also supply both jumbo rolls and finished products. Looking forward to building a win-win co-operation with your esteemed company.


1) Sealing of joints between window and doorframes and walls
2) Masking of auto body components during auto painting (in case of heat-chamber Drying, a special thermo stable tape should be used)
3) Sealing of lightweight cartons and small boxes
4) Repairing of books, maps, posters
5) Protection to metal, plastic or glass surfaces against scratching, etc.