Electrial Conductive Cloth Tape

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Electrial Conductive Cloth Tape



Rolls Meters

Electrically Conductive Cloth Tape Electrically Conductive Cloth Tape
Electrically Conductive Cloth Tape Electrically Conductive Cloth Tape

1. Material Data

Item Material Thickness Description
Base Material Conductive Cloth 0.08±0.01 mm Flexible Taffeta
Adhesive Conductive Acrylic Adhesive 0.04±0.005mm Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

2. Characteristics

Item Unit Value Description
Adhesive Strength with 180° Peel Kg/inch ≧0.8 At 25 ℃ use 1 kg/inch let stand 20 minutes after joint test fit, then with 180 ° direction tensile at speed 300 mm/min
Holding Power minute ≧1550 SUS 304 Plate,1Kg/inch
Surface Resistance Ω/inch ≦0.05 25.4mmX25.4mm Mitsubishi Loresta
Shielding Effectiveness dB 88~98 200MHz~1200MHz
Material Weight g/㎡ 75  


3.Conductive Adhesive Resin Composition
  • Colloid ingredient: hot pressure sensitive conductive acrylic adhesive mixed
  • Conductive part:Silver, Nickel, Copper
  • Soluble agent: acetic acid ethyl ester/toluene
  • Lamination impedance values: ≦0.08 ohms/sq inch

4.Use Conditions

To attain the best effect of paste adhesive tape, paste surfaces must be clean, dry and no directly with hands touch



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