Polyimide Tape

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Polyimide Tape ( High Temperature tape )



Rolls Meters

Polyimide tapes Polyimide tape

Polyimide Tapes

Firstly polyamide has been treated with special base coating. It is then coated with organic silicon series or acrylic acid ester series pressure-sensitive cement for the manufacture. It has the sound withstand voltage, high temperature resistance. Solvent resistance. The intrinsic bonding properties of the pressure sensitive tape. The product has mainly been utilized in the gold finger protection during the circuit plate (PCB) over wave crease welding, transformer insulation binding, lithium cell polar ear fixing, and other occasions that need heat-resistance. It is of the fine docility without residue.

Polyimide Tapes are made from polyimide film with silicon adhesive that is compatible with a wide temperature range from -269°C (-452°F) to as high as 400°C (752°F). We are a major supplier of polyimide tape, double sided polyimide tape, heat resistant tape, 3m polyimide tape etc...

S.No Part Number Size
1. TI500-0125 Polyimide Tape 4mm x 33mtr
2. TI500-0250 Polyimide Tape 6mm x 33mtr
3. TI500-0375 Polyimide Tape 8mm x 33mtr
4. TI500-0500 Polyimide Tape 10mm x 33mtr
5. TI500-0625 Polyimide Tape 12mm x 33mtr
6. TI500-0750 Polyimide Tape 15mm x 33mtr
7. TI500-0875 Polyimide Tape 18mm x 33mtr
8. TI500-1000 Polyimide Tape 20mm x 33mtr
9. TI500-1500 Polyimide Tape 24mm x 33mtr
10. TI500-1750 Polyimide Tape 30mm x 33mtr
11. TI500-2000 Polyimide Tape 35mm x 33mtr
12. TI500-3000 Polyimide Tape 40mm x 33mtr
13. TI500-4000 Polyimide Tape 45mm x 33mtr
14. TI500-6000 Polyimide Tape 50mm x 33mtr


  • Heat Resistant: 250C
  • Galvanic Corrosion Coefficient: 0.98
  • Insulation Resistant: >1*100 
  • Solvent Resistant: Superior


Polyimide tape is with polyimide film as the basic carrier, and coated with imported pressure sensitive silicone adhesive. It can endure high temperature up to 2600 within half an hour, and it also features like: electrical insulation, radiation resistance, solvement resistance etc. It's mostly applied for the motor insulation, gold finger protection of PCB during wave soldering etc. Without any residue after the tape is removed from the gold finger.


  • High temperature protection of gold finger of the PCB under wave soldering.
  • The coil insulation binding of the transformers.
  • The fixation of Li batteries
  • The fixation of heaters.
  • High temperature protection of gold finger of the PCB under wave soldering.
  • The high temperature masking of electrical parts under high temperature.


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