Repulpable Splicing Tape / Double sided Repulpable tape

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Repulpable Splicing Tape



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Repulpable Splicing Tape Repulpable Splicing Tape
Repulpable Splicing Tape Repulpable Splicing Tape

Product details:

Double sided water soluble tape is using 12gsm repulpable paper as backing material and coated with water soluble solvent acrylic adhesive.

Liner: white/greenish C/P release liner

Adhesive: modified acrylic

Adhesive color: Blue

1020mmx100m(Jumbo roll size)
1020mmx50mor customerized (Log roll size)
50mmx25m/50mor customerized (Cut roll size)


  • This tape is constructed using a tissue paper as carrier material coated with synthetic resin water adhesive on both sides.
  • Eco-friendly - Carrier, adhesive and liner can be converted into pulp again and reused.
  • Suitable for very high speed splicing in paper process industries.
  • Suitable for low and medium speed splicing in newspaper and heavy weight paper industries.
  • Easy to tear of the excess paper.
  • Also available in single sided adhesive coating.


Part No. Adhesive Carrier Total thickness Adhesive color
DRP100 Modified acrylic Repulpable paper 100mic blue